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Why Team Perth

Team Perth is at the forefront of Community. We are here to support local sporting organisations so that they can make a difference to the lives of LGBTQIA+ people in sport, recreational activities embracing active and happy communities.

We support the community in three key areas;

- by providing a free directory of organisations to make finding the right organisation easily and more accessible

- providing advocacy and support to organisations and groups through raising awareness and a joint voice while working with business, local bodies and government to progress inclusivity.

- by supporting organisations to develop themselves to become more inclusive which includes and not limited to setting up new sports clubs or transitioning existing clubs to inclusive models, community sports events or encouraging representation in State, National & Global sport.


Where it began

Team Perth started in the early 2000's in preparation for the Sydney Gay Games 2002.

In 2016 Gary Namestnik met the person who ran Team Adelaide at the time whom helped set up Team Perth's first website. Gary then proceeded to contact different sports clubs as a way to promote Queer Sporting and Recreation in WA. Team Perth has developed into the 'home of LGBTQIA+ sport' in WA over the years that followed. 

Team Perth was started based around the success of "Where the Gay Games Were Born". This spurred the creation of The San Francisco Sports & Athletics group, The Federation of Gay Games and Team San Francisco

"Team" has now been used amongst city names (and other variations) around the world to create communities specifically and directly impacting the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Image of Gary Namestnik walking in the 2019 Pride Parade, photo by Pride WA.

Team Perth & Gary Namestnik (left) in the Perth Pride Parade by Pride WA, 2019. Photo by Pride WA. 

Image of Team Perth's original logo

Team Perth's Original Logo

There are other "Team" organisations around Australia and the world. 

Our logo and branding inspired by our wonderful LGBTQIA+ community, Perth's Rainbow Bridge near the children's Hospital along with the winding path of life, sport and adventure. Feel the flow, feel the vibrations and get active because movement helps with your mind and body.

We are all on this path together, our community Rainbow Path!

A special thank you for your support.


We want to acknowledge Scott Cain from Monkey Fern who designed the current Team Perth logo. Thank you for your contribution to our community. 

To support Monkey Fern please visit their website here:

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