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Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club

We promote diversity, individuality and community by creating a safe environment where members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and our allies, can feel safe, accepted and included. We promote a club where connections and friendships can be made through a shared passion for volleyball.


Weekly Training -

How it works: 

Membership is Free and lasts for the calendar year (ie. everyone's membership expires on December 31st) First Training session is free Have a go days are free. Training after that is $10 per session for 2 hours of training. Social Volleyball Games are available weekly for $11. This is also 2 hours' worth of games. Weekly competitions are available for 6-month seasons, running in both Summer and Winter Teams are also entered in the West Australian Volleyball League which runs during Winter. Monthly social events - this includes both free and paid for events.

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