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Roller Derby

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Perth Roller Derby

Perth Roller Derby (PRD) is the Premier Flat Track Roller Derby League in Western Australia, formed in July 2008. A not-for-profit association run by the skaters, officials, and volunteers, PRD is dedicated to organising and promoting the sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby in the greater Perth area. PRD proudly support the WFTDA's gender policy. PRD currently have three home teams, who battle it out during the home season, as well as two travel teams, the West Coast Evils and the Rumble Bees, who compete around Australia and internationally. PRD pride itself on being an inclusive and welcoming league, providing a safe and supportive environment for skaters and officials to learn new skills, push beyond their comfort zone, and enjoy the benefits of a community-based sport.


Training sessions are closed to non members. Please see Facebook, Instagram or our website for public games every year.

How it works: 

Member based association (dues paying). New skater sign ups at the start of each year. Officials welcome to join throughout the year.

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