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Touch Rugby
Crush - Perth Touch Club

Crush started as a lesbian touch football team and now are a GLBTI touch club created to provide a positive avenue for healthy living choices, socialising and fun within our internal and external communities. We promote participation, belonging and equality in acceptance with our team philosophy being to be the best people we can be :)

TEAM PHILOSOPHY: To be the best person you can be; winning is secondary. This means being totally respectful of yourselves, your team, the opposition and referee. :)


Brief synopsis of touch: played 6 vs 6 on field with up to 6 reserves. Each team has 6 'touches' to break through defence to score a try. The ball must be passed backwards. After you make a touch you must retreat 5m. There is no tackling. The game goes for 2 x 20 minute halves.


If you are interested in joining us, head to our Facebook page and please make contact. 

How it works: 

Summer Season only (Oct-Feb). When we have the numbers to sport a team.

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